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P E R F E C T I O N .

I really enjoy it !

Fluid and satisfying animation, superb character design and art style, cool music, good rhythm, perfect frame and cut, a lot of emotion and expression without any words, and many more good stuff !
Just a professional job.

Honestly, what more could you ask for than more animation like that ?

I read the title, I was smile, at the end of the cartoon, I was lying on the table so much I was laughing. Seriously, just the percentage chance a crossover like this happening is, for me, a reason enough for a 9/10... Or I missed something, but even so, this cartoon I still so stupid it gets hilarious !

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An unpretentious little puzzle game with good mechanics and great music!


The game consists of crossing a series of levels filled with obstacles with a limited number of movements on a grid, requiring you to think about your actions beforehand.
The concept is basic, but still very good, especially since as the puzzles are completed, the game becomes more and more mechanical.

Mechanics that are very interesting and work very well with each other: they all require you to review your way of seeing and solving the puzzles.
Also, they are always well introduced and little by little: which gives time to understand them well.
And, it's worth pointing it out, without the need of a tutorial/text to explain how it works (except at the beginning, to show how to move the character). For me, this is the sign of a successful level design: communicating information to the player without writing a word.

By the way, the puzzles are very interesting with a level of difficulty that evolves in a very fluid way! Towards the end I sometimes took several minutes to understand the solution.
However, I found towards the end some level much easier than the previous one, which should theoretically be the opposite.

Some complained about the camera, but I found it rather good: it's close enough to avoid us being distracted by other obstacles at the farthest to stay focused on the one we have to pass... However, I understand how it bothered more than one: it's the cause of stupid traps.
Often, it's when there are two paths: one of which is just a dead end or impossible to pass, and the camera prevents you from seeing which one is the right one! In a game where the slightest mistake leads to starting the level over, this kind of trap that relies more on luck than reflection doesn't really have a place in a puzzle, but more in a die & retry like Another World.

The controls work very well !... If I omit the diagonals.
It's terribly bad, if you don't press exactly both direction keys at the same time, the game won't do the diagonal.
Besides, it's so bad and it has simplified the game so much for me (Without the diagonals, I'm often at the limit of the number of moves I can do, whereas with the diagonals, I always have a lot of them left) that I wonder if this move was planned.

The music is excellent, even if it may not be to everyone's taste, and annoy some because of repeat a lot (it would have been nice to put more than two music to avoid that), but I like them a lot! I think it fits well with the atmosphere of the game, just a bit mysterious, a type of atmosphere that I like very much!


To sum up, it's a very honest and enjoyable puzzle game with good mechanics and a mastered difficulty without pretending to be revolutionary.

A very good simple but terribly effective and inventive puzzle platform game that I loved to play!


The controls are fluid and pleasant, the artistic direction and the music of the game are very good and really gives a dark atmosphere (Not creppy) in order to highlight the important elements that they are bright and colorful.

But this is nothing compared to his greatest quality: his Game Desing and the inventiveness he shows.

This puzzle platform has a simple but terribly effective concept: you embody a small cube of light immersed in darkness accompanied by a flashlight capable of being projected on blue balls that will transform its light into a platform.

And around this concept, Kiddow (The author) will create a set of mechanics that will all be exploited together and mixed intelligently during the many obstacles of the game, creating a very organic set.
And thanks to this, no obstacle looks like another, and even if it easy, she will ask you every time to adapt and apprehend a different approach to an obstacle yet already known in a certain way, and it is very pleasant to go through!

I would like to be able to say more about this point, which is really the heart of the game, but in addition to not good enough to write about it well, I wouldn't say much more than what I already have, as best as I can, summarized. But it alone justifies the 10/10.


However, this game is not without (Minor) flaws, two to be exact :

1. SFX are too noisy compared to music : when I increased the sound of the game to enjoy the musical atmosphere (Who is very good), the SFX hurt my ear.

2. Light Mode : I find it very bad. Of course, it's just a bonus that you get when the game is over, so it's okay, but it doesn't change anything about the game except to remove the darkness, which breaks the interest of the flashlight and the surprise effect when you suddenly come across a new obstacle.


To sum up, it's typically the kind of puzzle platform game I like to play, with a dark atmosphere (which is also a type of atmosphere that speaks to me), that I highly recommend, despite a lifetime too short for my taste !

Kiddow responds:

Thanks for the awesome review man :D Really appreciate

The music quickly gets on your nerves, in addition to not sticking to the rather dark artistic direction and you can easily get inside the walls (I could totally cheat at the last level)....

But I really enjoyed the rest!
This "Escape Room" is really relaxing, I suppose that's why the riddles are simple but, nevertheless, nice to realize.
This kind of story with the "Strange voice" and "Good Guy" is simple, but entertaining, rhythms the enigmas properly and brings a nice idea that is to find the real solution, not the one that "Strange voice" gives.

Too bad it's so short, but if I trust the answer of the author of one of the comments of this game, there will be a longer and finer version of the game, which I wait with pleasure !

T-StudioGames responds:

Thank you :)

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I really like this kind of music a little anxious/depressing and a little robotic like MIDI and, hum...
Sorry, I'm very bad at "criticizing" everything in the field of music, I couldn't find the words what I like in this music.

I'll just say that it was one of the best things in the game for which it was created, and that I let it spin in the background just to hear it.

Glad that its creator has shared your NewGrounds account with me so I can hear what you will produce in the future... Even if it doesn't stay in the same domain, of course ;-)

cheesymoo responds:

Thanks for listening! I appreciate the feedback. If you feel up to it, considering scouting/recommending me for the Audio Portal.

Thanks again!

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Oh my God, I don't have enough vocabulary to say everything I think about this drawing!

It's fun, dynamic, cool, expressive, nervous, unique and... And.... I don't have enough adjectives, it's just perfect.
This texture and its colors which make a really pleasant "Traditional" effect, and I take a real pleasure in looking at each character's reaction...

Probably one of the best drawings I've ever seen of my favorite video game.

A drawing on my second favorite video game that accompanied me all my childhood? How can I not like it?!......
... If it's very badly done, yes.... But here, this is absolutely not the case!

I really like this kind of "poster", very full with all the characters, in different positions and expressions that go with their personality ! It's nervous and dynamic, your style is superb for this kind of illustration! I have a certain respect for the sense of detail !

Everything is perfect, and I don't think I'm biased by my love for the game... Or at least it doesn't take away the talent put in.

Beautiful and cute!

I really like the painting effect, it goes surprisingly well with your style, and the light and shadow effects are perfect. I also like all the small details and textures of the peeling, the mane, the soil... Irreproachable.

All this makes me want to lie close to my shirt and sleep like AppleJack, then wake up, burn my back with a single go to the hospital!

An artist who draws multicolored ponies and humans.
Exile from Tumblr, hopes to find a good place here.... And it must be weird for talk about me in the third person...
You can come and talk to me, don't be afraid, 'cuz it's me who one afraid.

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